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Circle Swimming
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Circle Swimming Example


With two or more people in each lane, it becomes necessary to "circle swim" in order to keep from running each other over and getting in each other's way.

While this photo demonstrates the principle behind circle swimming, these swimmers are a bit closer to each other than most of us like.

In general, when circle swimming, we encourage swimmers to leave 5 seconds behind the previous swimmer and to maintain that interval when swimming.

As a courtesy, if you need to go faster, ask if you can move up, or even lead the lane.

If you still need to go faster, you should consider moving over to the next faster lane!

If you make a routine habit out of lapping people in your lane, or running over the people in your lane, your "lane buddies" will likely throw you into the next faster lane (and justifiably so!). 

If you're not keeping up with the people in your lane, move back in your lane's swimming order.

Which ever lane you swim in, please be considerate of your fellow lane buddies!

Speaking of "considerate," consider the following:

  • We swim early in the morning!
  • We are happy to see your smiling face.
  • We don't want to smell your morning breath!

Please remember to brush before you come to workout!

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(30 minute private lessons available!)
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