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28 Jun 2022 Newsletter

We swim the following hours, Monday-Sunday at the Kroc Center.  Please see the table below.











Kroc Center

AM Practices








Erin has been part of our program since the early days when we were at UNO, dating back to 1983. One of her true passions is Masters swimming. For the past four years Erin has been coaching the Omaha Masters. She is a distance athlete by nature but she also does a great job with our sprint practices on Friday mornings where she averages over 30 swimmers at practice.

Sue Nutty is a coach who has done it all in the coaching world from College (Carthage College & Bowling Green), High School (Brownell Talbot), age group (Norfolk YMCA), and summerleague (Keystone Pool). Because of her vast experiences and broad knowledge, Sue has been one of our swimmers who can take over the program for a couple of weeks when its time for the main coach to go on vacation.This summer will be a new adventure for our program. 

The pool is usually open about 10 minutes before start time and has separate locker rooms for men and women. Warm-up assignments are passed out promptly at practice start time.

Please be prompt and ready to go (on deck) at the listed start time.

Thinking about dropping in? Active United States Master's Swimming members are welcome to "drop-in." Thinking about becoming a USMS member? Stop by, check us out, and talk with the coach during practice hours! Otherwise, call coach Samland during normal business hours at the below "practice hotline."

We welcome and encourage swimmers of all ability levels and look forward to having you join us!


USMS Drop-in swimmers welcome:


Daily fee is $5.00 and you must be a currently-registered and card-carrying United States Masters Swimming member.  Please present your membership card and $5.00 drop-in fee when you show up to practice.  

Practice Hotline:

While we swim year-round, we're not totally nuts! Every once-in-a-while, Coach Samland calls-off practice due to bad weather (or other events beyond his control). When this happens, coach Samland updates his UNO office voice mail greeting early in the morning to "pass the word." You can reach the "hotline" anytime by calling:

(402) 250-1769

Coach: Todd Samland,, (402) 250-1769
(30 minute private lessons available!)
Webmaster: Steve Scheuber, 
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