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US Masters Swimming

Omaha Masters at the Kroc Center and Dive Ventures

Come join us and find out what masters swimming is all about!

Click on the below link, for our club form.  Please print, complete, and bring to the pool!

click here to download our registration form

1. You must be a current United States Masters Swimming (USMS) member. Registering for USMS can be done on-line by going to Once to the USMS screen, then click on the "Join/ Renew" button and follow the steps to register on-line.

2. You will need to pay an annual Administrative Fee for the program and fill out the information sheet; name, address, birthday, and e-mail. The fee is $20, with checks made payable to "Samland." College students will have the Administrative fee waived.

3. You will need to pay Coaching Fees for the program. The quarterly fee is $110. There is an option to pay monthly at $45/month. The monthly fee is determined on the monthly calendar, not as a 30 day cycle.  Each individual determines the number of days they want to swim per month. Coaching fees will not be prorated, if you swim 1 day or 20 days the financial responsibility remains the same.  If you are a KROC center member, your monthly fee is reduced to $25.

4. Finally, you are requested to "give back" to the sport of swimming!! This is not mandatory nor will it be managed. There are many options for giving. You can become a booster club member. You can volunteer at a swim meet - Masters, College, High School, Age Group, YMCA or Summer League. You can be a web master for a swim program. You can be a volunteer coach for our program. Or it can be as simple as "putting in" lane ropes or "taking out" lane ropes for our own swim practices. "Giving back" is important to the philosophy of this program!

Your Bill:  multiple options:

1) Yearly Administrative yearly Fee: $20 , with fee waived for College students, plus

Yearly cost = $420.

2) QuarterlyAdministrative yearly Fee: $20 , with fee waived for College students, plus

Quarterly = $110 (due Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, Oct 1)

3) Monthly

Administrative yearly Fee: $20 , with fee waived for College students, plus

Monthly = $45.

If you are a KROC center member, you rmonthly fee is $25 instead of $45 


Coach: Todd Samland,, (402) 250-1769
(30 minute private lessons available!)
Webmaster: Steve Scheuber, 
Copywright 2017, Omaha Masters Swimming

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