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Todd Samland, Head Coach

Coach Todd has been coaching Masters since 1983.  He created and built the Maverick Masters swim program at UNO.  In 2003 he started his own program and has been coaching ever since. 

Todd started and coached the UNO Swimming & Diving team 1997-2022. 

In addition to coaching, Todd has his own stained glass business -- you can see some of his work on Facebook: Samland Stained Glass.

Erin Sullivan, Coach

Erin has been swimming Masters since 1984.  She has been coaching with this program since 2003.  She is the Chair for the Nebraska LMSC and a national volunteer for U.S. Masters Swimming.

Erin is  the President and Co-Founder of the Ironhawk Juniors Triathlon Club (IHJ). IHJ is a program for young girls that teaches them how to swim, bike, and run. And, in the process they develop a level of confidence that many did not know they had. Many Masters swimmers volunteer.

Erin has been a competitive triathlete (Hawaiian Ironman Finisher) and runner. She is a full-time volunteer for many nonprofit organizations while working her full-time job (that pays the bills).

Sue Nutty, Coach

Sue has been swimming Masters since 2008. Sue met Todd while working at the 2008 Olympic Swim Trials and decided to get back to swimming. 

Sue has a variety of coaching experience - age group through collegiate over the last 28 years. Sue currently coaches at Keystone Pool during the summers. 

Sue is passionate about seeing individuals of all ages learn to swim, push their limits and reach new heights in the water.  She also loves sea kayaking and wilderness kayak camping, which provides more opportunities to challenge oneself and achieve new milestones while on the water. 

Dennis Klug, Coach

Dennis has been swimming with our Masters program since 2015.  He started in lane 5 and has worked up from there.  He swims to stay in shape.  Dennis is motivated by his lanemates with their positivity and words of encouragement!

Coach: Todd Samland,, (402) 250-1769
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