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28 Jun 2022 Newsletter
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Flu Shots Offered October 26

 After practice at the Kroc Center on Thursday, October 26 David Kohll will be offering flu shots.  Please make sure you RSVP with David if you plan on taking advantage of this service opportunity.  Here are some points from David.


  1. I'll bill all insurances for flu, but United Health Care. 
  2. If I don't bill insurance, regular flu shot is $32.
  3. High dose flu shot available for those over 65 YO.
  4. Quadrivalent flu shot costs a little more, but better coverage
  5. Flumist are not available this year
  6. Shingles vaccine.  Recommended for those over 50 years old.  Usually zero copay. I bill insurance.  Once in lifetime shot
  7. Prevnar vaccine (new pneumonia vaccine came out this year).  Recommended for those over 50 years old.  Usually zero copay.  I bill insurance.  Once in lifetime shot
  8. Not uncommon for someone to get 3 shots after swim practice
  9. Each person let me know what shots they want, so I bring adequate supply.  I'll bring a little extra of at least flu.
  10. Please get your vaccines up to date to prevent diseases and to prevent spreading diseases to others.
  11. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Contact dkohll@kohlls.com


Lane Etiquette

Since we are getting a little busy at practice, this affords an excellent opportunity to reinforce good lane etiquette:


  1. If you need to rest while others are still swimming, then go to the end and rest in the right hand corner (as approaching the wall).  By stopping and staying in that corner, it will allow the others in the lane to make a smoother turn (and not cause someone to push off the wall into another person coming into the wall).
  2. If you are finishing a swim with your group, then after you get to the wall you should move to the left quickly.  Once you finish the swim then get out of the way and let your lane mates behind you finish to the wall.
  3. Know your strengths and the strengths of your lane mates.  Here are some categories:  pull, kick, clock management, stroke, or listening to the coach J
  4. And always remember to brush your teeth!


Bonus Tip – when we have a new swimmer, then introduce yourself and explain sets before starting them!

Ways to Connect

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Todd’s Address:

3513 S. 94 Ave.

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Coach: Todd Samland, OmahaMastersSwimming@gmail.com, (402) 250-1769
(30 minute private lessons available!)
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