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28 Jun 2022 Newsletter
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No Practice
We will not have practice on Easter Sunday, April 20.

Quarterly Dues
The first quarter has just zoomed by.  It is time to pay for the second quarter (April, May, and June).  The fee for the quarter is $100 or pay the $40 fee for the month.

More Drills
Over the months of April and May our program will be focusing a little more on kick and drill sets.  This direction is to compensate for the increase in water temperature.  The College of St Mary needs to increase the temperature to accommodate the kids swim lessons program being conducted throughout the week.  Because of the increase in temperature the major push sets will be dialed back. Working on technique will be a great opportunity for stroke improvement.
Breakfast Celebration – ‘Cinco De Mayo’
Our Masters program was started in 2003 on May 5th.  I often tease our revolution is a fitness revolution, the Cinco De Mayo of swimming J  To celebrate, come join us for breakfast on Saturday, May 3.  Any and all are welcome to swim with us on Saturday, even if you are not a current dues paying member.  After practice we will head over to the Farm House (next to Mangelsons).  Practice is not a requirement to join us for breakfast, arrive about8:30 am.  Family members are welcome to join us.  Anyone that shows up will be treated to the coaches favorite item on the menu – a cinnamon roll!  If you think you might be attending, then please rsvp (tsamland@unomaha.edu) so a reservation can be made.

A Fun Swim Meet
Erin Sullivan will be putting on a fund swim meet coming up soon.  The meet will have the 50, the 100, and the 200 of every stroke and the distance people can swim the 500 and the 1000.  It is fun because it is a low key/ low pressure meet and you get to swim your favorite event(s). This will take place at the College of St Mary on Saturday, April 26 with an 8:15 warm up (meet starting at 9 am).  Entry forms will soon be available at practice.
A Challenge
One of our members, David Kohll, has a challenge.  Join him in the Horsetooth Open Water Swim.  Check out this August 10 race at the following web site <http://www.horsetoothswim.com/>.  The event is located in Fort Collins, CO area with various race distances.  Contact David if you are even slightly interested at <dkohll@kohlls.com>.  This sounds like a great race and a great summer vacation location!

Swim or Golf
What do swimmers and golfers have in common – some would say an element of futility.  Swimmers do endless yards of swimming around a stationary black line.  Golfers hit a little ball over 200+ yards away with the expectation of getting it in a 4 inch hole in the ground.  Both groups could have their sanity challenged.  Now it is time to form an alliance between swimmers and golfers.  Support each other.  The College of St Mary is putting on a golf scramble on Friday, May 30.  Learn more and sign up by clicking on <http://www.csmflames.com/f/CSM_Golf_Fundraiser.php>.
Summer Practice Schedule
The practice schedule will stay the same as it currently runs plus a few bonus summer practice options.  For the months of May, June, July, and August two practices will be added: Tuesday and Thursday we will have a 7-8 am practice. So makes it so an Omaha Masters swimmer has 13 opportunities to swim during the summer.

Again this year, we will be offering additional practices that will be a little more intense.  This will be held on Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday from 6:30 – 8 am.  This summer our program will be focusing on College swimmers but Masters are welcome to join in the fun.  The majority of them will be practicing M/W/F 6:30-8 am and T/Th from 7-8 am.  They will be officially starting on May 13 and going until August 16.  The cost to be part of that program will be $160, but if you have already paid your quarterly fee then the cost would only be $60 for summer practices.  If you know of anyone interested in this type of a program then please contact Todd.

Contact Information
Todd Samland
work (402) 554-2346
cell (402) 250-1769
home (402) 932-1311





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