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28 Jun 2022 Newsletter
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Four Volunteers Needed

This year the UNOmaha Swimming and Diving team will be traveling for it’s Summit League Conference Championship meet in Indianapolis from February 18 to 22, so Four volunteercoaches will be needed to cover practices on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Amber-Sky will be coaching Saturday – thank you for your constant involvement. If you can help with a practice then please send me an e-mail:tsamland@unomaha.edu .



Did you know that we have a Facebook page?  Become part of the group at Omaha Masters Swimming.  Use the Facebook link at the bottom of this page to visit our Facebook page and becomem a member!


Check out - New Expanded Hours!

Starting March 5 our program is going to expand the number of practices offered eachweek.  The new practice times will be during the evening on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  This will make nine different practices available to our swimmers during the year (and 11 practices during the summer).


Practice Schedule


Added Summer morning practices

Evenings Start 3/5/14






























The evening practices will be coached by Erin Sullivan and Sue Nutty.  Erin has been part of our program since the early days when we were at UNO, dating back to 1983.  One of her true passions is Masters swimming.  For the past four years Erin has been coaching the Omaha Masters.  She is a distance athlete by nature but she also does a great job with our sprint practices on Friday mornings where she averages over 30 swimmers at practice.  Sue Nutty is a coach who has done it all in the coaching world from College (Carthage College & Bowling Green), High School (Brownell Talbot), age group (Norfolk YMCA), and summerleague (Keystone Pool).  Because of her vast experiences and broad knowledge, Sue has been one of our swimmers who can take over the program for a couple of weeks when its time for the main coach to go on vacation.


GO - Speed Racer - GO!!!

 It has been brought to my attention that a few cars have been in a hurry to get to practice, and also in a hurry to get to work/ home after practice. Please slow down, that extra quarter of a mile will not have any significant impact on arrival time.


CSM going to Nationals

The College of St Mary Swimming team will be heading to Nationals on March 5.  When you see them at the pool, wish them luck as they prepare over these next three weeks!


Inclement Weather Information

The weather forecast looks a little dicey for the end of the week.  If you are not sure if we will have practice, call (402) 554-2346 (the office phone number for Todd at UNOmaha).  The voice mail will be updated 30 minutes prior to the start of practice.  You can also check out the Facebook page mentioned above.


Contact Information

Todd Samland

e-mail - tsamland@unomaha.edu

work (402) 554-2346

cell (402) 250-1769

home (402) 932-1311

Coach: Todd Samland, OmahaMastersSwimming@gmail.com, (402) 250-1769
(30 minute private lessons available!)
Webmaster: Steve Scheuber, 
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