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28 Jun 2022 Newsletter
Friends – Fitness – Fun  


Don’t Forget – You Must Remember!


The last day of practice will be Monday, December 23.  Next year, we will start practices on Monday, January 6th . I will be away with the UNO team when we start back and need two coaches to help out.  Thank you Gary for volunteering to coach on Jan 3rd.  Who can coach on Jan 7th?


Everyone needs to be a 2014 USMS members before they come to swim practice on January 6th .  If you signed up for USMS after November (2013) then your membership is good for 2014.  This is not a suggestion - this is a MUST.  USMS is the insurance leg of our program in which everyone in the pool and on the deck must have either USMS or USA Swimming membership in order for all to be covered.  (Our club is the Omaha Masters option on the USMS registration form.)
TIME: Arrive anytime after 6:00 PM. Dinner will be served around 6:30 PM

PLACE: Countryside Community Church 8787 Pacific Street (enter via the South door – in back)

WHO: You, your spouse, your kids, your significant other

FOOD: Turkey, Ham, Beverages provided


(Please do not bring alcoholic beverages)


BRING A DISH TO SHARE – Bring a dessert, bread, salad, veggies, side dish or your favorite hors d’oeuvre

BRING $5.00 – This money is used to purchase the pop, napkins, plates, tableware and the kids’ stuff. Thanks. NOTE: this is $5.00 per swimmer NOT per person attending. Bring your entire family and it is still ONLY $5.00

GIFT EXCHANGE: Once again, we will have our fun and exciting gift exchange. If you choose to participate, please bring a gift to trade (that might be traded and traded and traded again). Detailed rules will be explained when we start.

1. Bring a wrapped gift (~$20)

2. Put YOUR name on the gift

3. Put your name in the basket at the door when you arrive


NOTE: The gift exchange is not intended for children. A special gift will be provided for all of the kids who come to the party.
Program Philosophy


Our program means many things to many people: a weight loss or weight maintenance program, stress release, or a choice of fitness.  You might be a person that has the competitive itch: swimming or triathlons.  Just as goals are varied, so are individual personalities.  Remember that the way you approach your swimming is not always the same way your lane mates approach their swimming.  These varied and individual styles can lead to little frustration popping up every once in awhile.  Since we are adults, most differences can be sorted out within the lane.  Please approach each other with open minds and appreciation for differences in ourindividual goals.  Every once in awhile differences may be difficult to resolve. It is at this point that you should get me involved so we can find common ground and we can determine the best solution.  We have a great program that tries to make room for anyone who wants to participate in a structured workout and I would like to keep that philosophy. - Todd

Inclement Weather Information

It’s that time of year … what happens if the weather is looking a little dicey? Well if you are not sure if we are having practice then call 554-2346. That is the office phone number for Todd at UNOmaha. The voice mail will be updated 30 minutes prior to the start of practice.


Contact Information

Todd Samland

e-mail -

work (402) 554-2346

cell (402) 250-1769

home (402) 932-1311

Coach: Todd Samland,, (402) 250-1769
(30 minute private lessons available!)
Webmaster: Steve Scheuber, 
Copywright 2017, Omaha Masters Swimming

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