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September 2012 Newsletter  
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Masters Information

Thank You

Thank you Erin Sullivan and  Amber-Sky Green for taking an active roll in coaching our program J

Volunteer Coaches Needed

Coming up (October 12-16) the UNO Women’s swim/ dive team will be going to Colorado for a few meets and some altitude training.  Two volunteers are needed to coach.  One coach will be needed for Monday, October 15 (5:30 am) and another coach will be needed for Tuesday, October 16 (6 am).  Who would like to enjoy this powerful position on the deck – the joy of being a supreme dictator.  The workouts will be written up but you have the authority to determine the fate of the practice by giving it your own twist.  Let me know if you can volunteer.

Final Quarter

The final quarter has arrived; October, November, December.  The fee is $35 per month and $90 per quarter.  Please pay by the 20th of the month.

Inclement Weather Information

What happens if the weather is looking a little dicey?  Well if you are not sure, call 554-2346.  That is the office phone number for Todd at UNOmaha.  The voice mail will be updated 30 minutes prior to the start of practice.

Shoulder Exercises

Erin Sullivan and Sue Nutty just returned from the Masters Swimming Convention where they talk about the governance of Masters – rules, legislation, policies, insurance, blah, blah, etc.  They also attended apresentation on prevention of shoulder injuries and came back with some great exercises – this part of the Convention is cool!  Instead of listing all of the exercises, you can go to a web site and check them out – I think they are very good and have started to use some of them with the UNO swim team.  It is all about strengthening the muscles that support the shoulder movement.  You can go to and then click on the button ‘sports medicine.’

Maverick Swim Team Information


On Saturday, October 6 (this does not conflict with a Husker Football game), Tim Patterson is again organizing a golf outing for the UNOmaha Women’s Swimming and Diving Team.  This event was a lot of fun last year, and I usually don’t like to golf but I did like this.  It is not a fundraiser it is more of a friendraiser – getting supporters of the swimming community together.  Eagle Run will be the course, with a late morning tee time of 10:00 am (with lunch afterwards at Denny Chapman’s place – right next to the course).  Masters, boosters, alumni, and friends are welcome to be part of this.  The entry fee is the same as last year - $40 ($160 per team).  It would be awesome if we could get at least 3 foursomes from our group!  Contact Tim ( or Todd (  Please let us know asap, even if it is tentative. Check out the flyer!

Sponsor the Mavericks

The Athletic Department has allowed the Maverick Swim & Dive Team to seek sponsors.  This means that money brought in through these sponsor opportunity goes directly to the program, 100%.  The Booster Club has targeted three visual avenues:  starting blocks, swim meet sponsor, and scoreboard sponsor.  The starting block sponsor ship level is $250.  Each of the 12 blocks has a surface of about 12 inches by 6 inches for sponsor information.  The meet sponsorship level is $500.  We have 6 home swim & dive meets.  The sponsorship includes recognition on the web schedule, promotion at the meet, and a banner at the meet.  The final sponsorship opportunity is a scoreboard sponsor.  The scoreboard has three lines available at $1000 per line.  At this point, we have a sponsorship at each level spoken for: a family has sponsored a starting block, a group has sponsored a meet, and a business has sponsored a line on the scoreboard.  If you are interested then e-mail Todd at or let’s visit at practice.

Booster Club

The UNO Women’s Swimming & Diving Team does have a booster club – it is called the Water Works.  The Booster Club has three missions: to assist in promoting swimming and diving, to assist in the running of home meets, and to help support the needs of the program.  One way we promote swimming is by having our Annual Golf Outing where we invite Masters, alumni, boosters, current team member parents, and others – with the team out at the event, with the goal of making a fun event.  Running home meets is self-explanatory.  Our meets run on volunteer power – if you would like to help, then we like you.  Here is an example of the final mission statement - last year the Booster Club helped support the updating of the Record Board and upgraded the computer software for meet management.  In the next couple of weeks, you will receive a Booster Club membership form (One Fund) from the Athletic Department. Open that envelope and check it out because this is how you can join the Water Works.  But make sure when you sign up that something happens.  If you check mark or circle or highlight the Swimming and Diving program then 100% of your membership will go towards the Swimming and Diving Team!  You enjoy the sport of swimming – let’s spread that happiness around J

Bonus Masters Information

Lane Etiquette

Since we are a good size program with 4 to 7 swimmers per lane on a regular basis, it might be time to remind some lane etiquette.

1.     Always brush your teeth before you come to swim practice!!

2.     Get is the water safely by getting in feet first – do not dive in the water.

3.     If you need to rest, then rest in the corner, preferably the right hand corner.  By resting in the right hand corner it allows for a better flow of people swimming into the wall.  Do not rest in the middle of the wall, do not cross from one side of the wall to the other, and do not stop in the middle of the pool.

4.     When leaving on the interval, give the person ahead of you a 5 second lead (not three seconds and not ten seconds – it must be FIVE).

5.     If you accidentally contact (hit or kick) someone, use good manners by apologizing(even if it didn’t hurt you or if it was the other person’s fault).

6.     Talk with your lane mates to determine who should go first, and the first person should let the rest of the lane know when they are leaving.

7.     Help each other and enjoy the company of each other, you are part of an incredible group of people.

8.     Brush your teeth!

If you have other lane etiquette suggestions, then please drop me a line.


Save the Date: First Annual Kirn Pool Fall Meet in Council Bluffs. Saturday, October 20th. Distance ( 800 and 1500 ) start at 10 AM everything else starts at 1 PM .  More details coming from Erin.

Contact Information

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