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July 2012 Newsletter
Friends – Fitness – Fun  
July 4th  Weekend

No practice will be held on Monday, July 4th  in honor of the U.S. Day of Independence. BUT, we will have practice on all of the other days of that week.  Also – if you have entered USMS Nationals, then you can swim at the Century Link: Tuesday 4-7pm and Wednesday 3-7 pm.

Supreme Dictator Needed

It is time for the annual Samland Summer Vacation – July 28 to August 4  If you can coach one practice:  Sat 7 am, Mon 5:30 am, Mon 6:30 am, Tues 6 am, Wed 5:30 am, Wed 6:30 am, Thurs 6 am or Sat 7 am.  A practice will be left as guidance for each day, but when you coach then you have complete power to change it and do whatever you want.  Yes, you can become Supreme Dictator and with your power you can affect the waking minutes of many people in our city.  Please e-mail Todd if you can coach.

Third Quarter

The third quarter is fast approaching;  the cost is $90 for July to September.  Please pay by July 27. If you are not sure what you need to pay, then please contact Todd.

Fitness or Fun

The 19th   Annual Methodist Hospital/ UNO Women’s Triathlon will be held on Saturday, August 26.  This is an awesome event!  It is fun to see so many people of different ages and ability levels participating (and so many people helping).  Only women can participate and only men can volunteer.  Our goal this year is to have 500 participants, that would be very exciting.  So we need all of our women Masters swimmers to encourage neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family to get active.  An entry form is coming, when you receive it then please forward to friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors.

Preparing for Nationals

Here are some thoughts for those swimming at Nationals this week.  First, maybe we (as a group) should start trying to go to Nationals every year again J  It is great to see the focus of so many of you!

Relays thoughts:  Have FUN!  You do not need to try to break a record by having the fastest relay exchange – be safe and make sure the person touches the wall before you take off.  After you swim is over, it is ok to hang on the lane rope (away from the touch pad) until the race it over.

Starts:  It can be a big step to the top of the block, so ask someone for assistance to step up – just a helping hand can help you stabilize on the staring block. You skip using the blocks and dive from the edge of the pool instead.  The water is over 8 feet deep so don’t worry about hitting the bottom when you dive in.  The people that just finished the race are instructed to remain in the water and not get out until after you start your race – this is called ‘fly over’ starts.  You will find each block has a ‘fin’ on it – it’s a new gimmick.  Place your back foot on the fin to give you a little more push, so try it and learn how it feels!

The Finish:  After your race is over, wait until the next heat takes off the blocks, before you exit the water.  Exception – when racing the 50’s, when you finish hustle up to get out because they have already started the race when you are 2/3 to ¾ the way done.  Do not climb out on the bulkhead (finish) wall, instead swim under the lane ropes to the side of the pool to exit.

Warm Up:  Many programs use a variety of warms ups: wake up swim, general warm up, pre-event warm up and cool down/ warm up for next event.  ‘Wake up swim’ is used by very few but for those who get up early can be very beneficial – if you are not an early riser then skip this warm up.  But if you do, then you arrive at the pool right when the doors open and do a small warm up: 600 or 800 or 1000 doing every 4th 50 as stroke or kick.  Then go eat a light to moderate breakfast, read the paper, and then head back for general warm up.  General warm up – be patient.  You will have many people in your lane so be flexible with your routine, you will be happier in the end.  Three levels of general warm up (and you will have to decide what works best for you.  Long general warm up:  400 swim with 3rd 100 stroke, 200 IM kick, 8x50 done as 25 drill/ 25 swim, 5x100 done as descend 1-4 with #5 as easy/ recovery, a few starts off the block (and a few sprints with a start of the block), and a 100 or 200 cool down.  Moderate warm up; 400 swim with odd 50 free and even 50 stroke, 4x100 done as 50 drill then 50 build swim, 4x50 from blocks with 1st 25 fast. and a 100 or 200 cool down.  Short general warm up:  300 swim, 200 IM kick, 4x50 descend and a 100 or 200 cool down. I would not advise the final short warm up unless it is the last day of the meet.  Pre-event warm up:  look at the heat sheet and determine what time you swim, then hop in the water 30-15 minutes prior to your race and do a 300 to 200 swim.  The pre-event warm up can be skipped if you exited the general warm up about 45-30 min prior.  Next race warm up/ cool down:  6x50’s #1 swim with big kick, 3 x 50’s ascending, 2x50’s stroke (of next race) or drill (or a combination of stroke and drill).  Let me know if you have any questions.  These are just outlines and can be manipulated to your needs.

Coaching Available – I plan on being at the meet Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after our CSM practice.  I am available to help you and others that might need a little guidance or support.  You are going to do great!

Food – bring plenty of water (or weak/ water sport drinks) to drink!!!  Pack it deep in your swim bag/ prepare the night before.  Bring snacks that are easy for the stomach to digest fruits and vegetables (not stringy), bagels (plain), or plain cereal.  Do not bring anything with high protein, high sugar, or milk.

E-mail or call me if you have any other questions!

Bring a friend or family member – it is FREE to attend and it is great to have a fan cheering for you!

Contact Information

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