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28 Jun 2022 Newsletter
June 2012 Newsletter
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The summer should be an easy time for a College swim coach – but not this summer.  Being part of two swim camps, the Swimvitational, the Olympic Trials, USMS Nationals, and family vacation (ok that one is going to be relaxing fun) this summer is not going to be easy.  But this summer is going to be exciting!!!  Here are the topics of this newsletter:  USMS Nationals, volunteer coaches, more practices and some lane etiquette advice.

Masters Nationals

Over 1200 people have registered to participate in the USMS Long Course Nationals being held in the Olympic Trials Pool.  This is truly a unique opportunity.  To get ready for it we have done our aerobic base work.  We are now working on ‘bringing it home’ anaerobic work.  In a couple of weeks the focus will be on speed.  Then the final week prior it will be fine tuning.  If you are lifting weights then keep doing what you are doing until we are close to the meet, then go lift 2 days a week and only 15-20 minutes.  Men start resting from weights 2 weeks prior to the meet and women start resting 1 week prior to the meet.  Talk to me or write me if you want more individual detail on your swimming or weights.

Volunteer Coaches Needed – You can do this!

Over the next six weeks I need six days (nine practices) to be covered by a volunteer coach.  It is important to get these practices covered!  The practices are written in advance, so take a moment to figure out which day you can help with and send me an e-mail.  Here are the dates:  Saturday, June 9 (7-8 am); Monday, June 18 (5:30-6:30 am and 6:30-7:30 am), Tuesday, June 19 (6-7 am), Wednesday, June 20 (5:30-6:30 am and 6:30-7:30 am), Thursday, June 21 (6-7 am), and Monday, June 25 (5:30-6:30 am and 6:30-7:30 am).

Monday and Wednesday 6:30-7:30 am

We are close to 80 people in the program and current swimmers are showing up more often than normal.  Another time slot is needed.  This new practice time will start this Monday, June 4.  These Monday and Wednesday (6:30-7:30 am) practices will run for June and July, then we will see what the attendance patterns are to determine the schedule for August.

Free Message

An alum from the UNO swim team, Mandy Sommer, is a message therapist.  She is taking part in a special class for athletes to get ready for the Trials.  Here’s the rub, her class needs volunteers so you can set up a free message!  Call Mandy at either number 402-991-0705 or 402-714-5413.

Where to Stop

What do you do if you need a break and your lane is swimming through a set?  What is the best way to complete a set with six or more swimmers in the lane?  Two great questions, both deal with correct lane etiquette!  Answer to first question:  if you need an extra rest during a set then swim straight to the end of the lane and stay to the right as you face the wall.  Do not move over to the other side of the lane!  It is easier for the flow of the lane to maintain the counter-clockwise with you in that corner.  Then jump back in when you are ready.  Answer to second question:  as you finish your swim move to the FAR left.  It is also helpful, if the interval permits, to walk forward a little and then walk back on the line on the bottom of the pool.  This will create a small rotating circle at the finish and allow everyone to complete the set to the wall.

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