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February 2012 Newsletter
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For a February newsletter this one has a lot of information.  You will not be quizzed at practice but it would be to your benefit to read the entire thing. 

Coaching Update

Amber-Sky and Erin have been doing a fabulous job as shown by our terrific attendance.  The practices have been having great attendance as well, but the other coach has been having some health issues.  Starting just before Christmas I have been experiencing pain by my left shoulder blade and numbness in my left shoulder, arm, and three digits of the hand.  After seeing a family Doctor and two specialist it has been determined that I will be going to surgery on Friday, February 10 to take care of an ‘extreme’ herniated disk at the C6/C7 joint of the spine.  They are going to remove the disk and fuse it together.  I have to wear a collar for six weeks, the family is jokingly calling it the cone of shame, and no driving the first two weeks along with no lifting anything over 10 pounds.  Because of the surgery and day of recovery, a volunteer coach is needed for Saturday, February 11 and Monday, February 13.  It is my plan to be back on deck for Tuesday’s practice.

 More Volunteer Opportunities

 This year the UNOmaha Swimming and Diving team will be traveling for it’s Conference meet from February 22 to 25.  So more volunteer coaches will be needed to cover practice.  Two of those days will already be covered by Amber-Sky and Erin, so coverage will be needed for the other two practices; Thursday, February 23 and Saturday, February 25.


Volunteer coaches will be needed for the following dates in February:  11, 13, 23 and 25.  Let me know if you can help with any of those dates.  A practice will be made for you to use or you can abandon the practice and go with the moment and create you own fun practice!

A Practice Idea

Two of our swimmers have made a request to have a practice e-mailed to them 2-4 times a month.  We have been trying it over the past few months.  Melissa and Aryeh can only make a couple of practices a month so they asked to have one sent that they can do on their own – great idea.  I was thinking about placing the practice on our Facebook page (join it ‘Omaha Masters’).  Ideally it would be typed up at practice on an iPad then attached to the Facebook.  Does anyone in our group have the knowledge on how to make this happen?  The iPad is at practice and ready to learn J

E-mail Update

This e-mail group will be updated after this newsletter is sent out.  If you are a current dues paying member then you are automatically updated.  If you are not, then please send me an e-mail requesting to remain on the list.

Yearly Reminder - Early Morning!

Please!  Do not leave valuables in your car.  We are easy targets because we are predictable and removed from any consistent traffic flow.  Please bring your valuables (personal and work) into the pool area.

Contact Information

Todd Samland

e-mail - tsamland@unomaha.edu

work (402) 554-2346

cell (402) 250-1769

home (402) 932-1311

Coach: Todd Samland, OmahaMastersSwimming@gmail.com, (402) 250-1769
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