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October 2011 Newsletter
Friends – Fitness – Fun

Thank You

Thank you Erin Sullivan, Amber-Sky Green, and Sue Nutty for taking an active roll in coaching our program J 

Volunteer Coaches Needed

Coming up (October 14 – 18) the UNO Women’s swim/ dive team will be going to Colorado for a few meets and some altitude training.  Two volunteers are needed to coach.  One coach will be needed for Saturday, October 15 (7 am) and another coach will be needed for Tuesday, October 18 (6 am).  It would be nice to have someone other than Erin, Amber-Sky, or Sue to enjoy this powerful position on the deck – the joy of being a supreme dictator.  The workouts will be written up but you have the power to change the practice to give it your own twist.  Let me know if you can volunteer.

 Results of the Changes

The program is doing well considering the changes we are experiencing.  Over the past 5 years we have averaged 72 swimmers for September, this year we have 57 swimmers – it would be nice to reach above 60 again.  In past years we average 23 plus swimmers per practice, this year we average 22.0.  The 5 am time slot on Wednesday and Friday has averaged 18.1 people per practice, the 6 am time slot on Tuesday and Thursday has averaged 23.5 people per practice, and Saturday (7 am) has averaged 17 people per practice.  So we do have a little more room for some members (past and new) to join us in the pool! 

Final Quarter

The final quarter has arrived; October, November, December.  The fee is $35 per month and $90 per quarter.   

Lane Etiquette

Since we are a good size program with 3 to 6 swimmers per lane on a regular basis, it might be time to offer some lane etiquette.

  1. Always brush your teeth before you come to swim practice!!
  2. Get is the water safely by getting in feet first – do not dive in the water.
  3. If you need to rest, then rest in the corner, preferably the right hand corner.  By resting in the right hand corner it allows for a better flow of people swimming into the wall.  Do not rest in the middle of the wall, do not cross from one side of the wall to the other, and do not stop in the middle of the pool.
  4. When leaving on the interval, give the person ahead of you a 5 second lead (not three seconds and not ten seconds – it must be FIVE).
  5. If you accidentally contact (hit or kick) someone, use good manners by apologizing (even if it didn’t hurt you or if it was the other person’s fault).
  6. Talk with your lane mates to determine who should go first, and the first person should let the rest of the lane know when they are leaving.
  7. Help each other and enjoy the company of each other, you are part of an incredible group of people.
  8. Brush your teeth! 

If you have other lane etiquette suggestions, then please drop me a line.

Fun Swim Meet, October 16

On Sunday, October 16 from 7 am to 1 pm the Common Ground Masters (in Elkhorn, NE) will be hosting a swim meet.  For more information go to the web site www.nebraskaswimming.org and go to the bottom of the home page, then click on Common Ground Swim Meet.  This has been a very fun meet in the past!! 

Going Holiday Green

The UNOmaha team also conducts a fund raiser – Holiday Wreaths.  If you liked the holiday wreaths offered last year, we have them again this year.  They are great for adding the holiday spirit to your home or it makes a nice present for family or office staff.  During the month of October orders are taken and then they will be delivered the first week of December.  Below you can find more details on products and prices.  Check out pictures of the products at the following web site:  www.sherwoodforestfarms.com/products 

Holiday Wreaths – sold by team

  • 22” Noble Fir Wreath (W2) - $20.00
  • 28” Noble Fir Wreath (W3) - $30.00
  • 22” Mixed Green Wreath (W4) - $25.00
  • 10’ Western Garland (G3) - $20.00
  • Holiday Centerpiece (C5) - $15.00

Holiday Wreaths - Direct Delivery

  • 22” Mixed Green Wreath (W4M) - $40.00
  • 10’ Western Cedar Carland (G3M) - $47.00
  • Holiday Centerpiece (C5M) - $35.00
  • 28” Mixed Green Wreath (W3M) - $45.00
  • Cone Gift Basket (N7M) - $32.50
  • Evergreen Gift Set (EGM) - $75.00

Inclement Weather Information

What happens if the weather is looking a little dicey?  Well if you are not sure, call 554-2346.  That is the office phone number for Todd at UNOmaha.  The voice mail will be updated 30 minutes prior to the start of practice.

Contact Information

Todd Samland

e-mail - tsamland@unomaha.edu

work 554-2346

cell 250-1769

home 932-1311

Coach: Todd Samland, OmahaMastersSwimming@gmail.com, (402) 250-1769
(30 minute private lessons available!)
Webmaster: Steve Scheuber, 
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