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August 2011 Newsletter

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New Schedule – Same Place

The scenario’s that have taken place over the past two weeks have been many.  A big thank you to all of those who participated in the creative brainstorming and all those giving input.  Here is what has shaped up.  We will be staying at College of St Mary (CSM).  CSM has given us one more day at 6 am to make this a possibility.  Here is the practice schedule:  Tuesday 6-7 am, Wednesday 5-6 am, Thursday 6-7 am, Friday 5-6 am, and Saturday 7-8 am.  Todd will be on deck Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Amber-Sky/ Sue will be on deck Wednesday. Erin will be on deck on Friday.  If we have a very good turn out for the 5-6 am practice then we will also start a practice on Monday, coached by Todd (and another volunteer coach).  This new schedule will start on Tuesday, September 13.


Women’s Triathlon Volunteers Needed

 The Methodist Hospital/ UNO Women’s Triathlon will be held on Saturday, August 27.  Over 300 women will be participating.  To make this event a success, we need about 30 male volunteers!  Call or e-mail Todd if you can help anytime from 7 am to noon.


Parking at CSM Starting Monday, August 22

From the CSM Athletic Department – “I want to make you aware of some parking issues that will soon happen here on campus due to construction.  Since we are building a new residence hall, we are losing approximately 160 parking spots this semester while tractors and other machines use the east parking lot. Staff and faculty members will now be parking off campus to relieve congestion, but there is a chance that parking in the morning during your practices will be tight.  This is something we just recently found out about and we don’t have a firm number or idea as to how many open spots will be available early in the morning. I will get “visitor” passes for you and your swimmers to put on their dashboard when parking in our lots to indicate to security that they are fine to park there.  The problem I foresee happening is that resident students will start parking in the LFC lot because it’s close to their dorm, but I cannot accurately say how many spots will still be here.  This goes into effect on Monday and I guess then we’ll be able to see what the impact will be on us. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I think the best way to combat this would be if you and I stay in close contact.  If you could keep me aware of the parking lot situation during your practices, I’ll do everything I can to try to eliminate problems. I appreciate your help with this and your understanding!”


Labor Day Weekend

 Practice will be cancelled on Saturday, September 3 and Monday, Sept 5 because of the Labor Day Vacation.


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