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28 Jun 2022 Newsletter

September 2010 Newsletter

Fun – Fitness – Friends  

So Many Faces

Our program ROCKS!  In the first ten days of September we averaged 28 people per practice.  It is great to see so many smiling faces in the morning.  5:30 am is early for me but our group is so inspiring it makes it a little easier to get up.  Coaching this group is definitely something I enjoy!!


On Saturday, October 2, Tim Patterson is again organizing a golf outing for the UNOmaha Women’s Swimming and Diving Team (see attached flier).  This event was a lot of fun last year, and I usually don’t like to golf but I loved it last year.  It is not a fundraiser it is more of a friendraiser.  Eagle Run will be the course, with a late morning tee time of 9:30 am (with lunch afterwards at Denny Chapman’s place – right next to the course).  Masters, boosters, alumni, and friends are welcome to be part of this.  The entry fee is the same as last year - $40 ($160 per team).  It is my hope that a two to three Masters swimmers bring in some friends to create a couple of teams.  Contact Tim ( or Todd (  Please let us know asap, even if it is tentative.

Top Five Reasons to join the UNOmaha Swimming and Diving Booster Club (from pool-mate, Mary Pat Moeller)

I could easily come up with ten reasons to join this fantastic club, but I figured you would not want to read that muchJ!  I have been a long time Board member for the Swimming and Diving Booster Club at UNO…I can assure you that the Booster Club contributes in major ways to the success of the program.  Some Universities are cutting their swimming programs --- a STRONG Booster Club helps protect the longevity of our UNOmaha program.  We have set a goal as a Board to have over 100 Booster Club members this season.  Please join us in making that goal.  Here are the reasons:

  • We get to support a terrific group of young female athletes – many of whom have joined us in the lanes! 
  • We have regular opportunities to watch FAST collegiate swimming – with volunteering opportunities bringing us close to the action. 
  • We can be part of a group that regularly improves the UNO natatorium – the Booster Club contributes/upgrades equipment that the team needs.  
  • We have opportunities to travel with the team if there is room on the bus – take it from me, it is a unique and fun experience! 
  • We get a cool shirt, newsletters and updates about the team progress…and if you want a special opportunity to harass Todd, you can volunteer to go on the training trip to Hawaii in January!!

Please join.  Todd will be mailing a flier – be sure to mark swimming and diving on the University flyer.  The fee is $35-$50.  Membership one way you can promote swimming and diving, which is something Todd asks us to do as part of our commitment to our Masters program.  

Thanks!  Mary Pat

(editor note – Thank you Mary Pat for writing an article.  If others would like to write an article then send it to

Women’s Triathlon

 On August 28 the Methodist Hospital/ UNO Women’s Triathlon had over 360 women participate in a non-competitive triathlon.  It was an awesome sight and experience.  It was great to have many of our women participating but the men of our Masters program were incredible.  Because of Randy Cassling, Gary Krysl, Chuck Sloup, Brady Murphy and many friends of our Masters program this triathlon went very smooth – you guys were awesome!  Thank you.

Final Quarter

The final quarter is soon arriving; October, November, December.  The fee is $30 per month and $75 per quarter.  Starting in January 2011 the coaching fee for the program will increase to $35 per month, $90 per quarter, or $350 per year.  This is the only monthly fee increase in the program since the beginning (May 2005).  The annual fee will remain the same at $20.  This is still lower than other Masters program in town that charge $40+ per month.

Planting the Seed

In 2012, the United States Masters Long Course National Championships will be held in Omaha.  A few days after the Olympic Trials, the pool in the Qwest will be the host site for this fantastic event.  Participate!  It would be fun to have everyone in our program swim in the pool (I mean event).  You would be swimming in the same water as the US Olympians!  Make it fun, just pick a 50 of your favorite stroke and then swim it J

 Other bits . . .

Kate we wish you well in the next couple of weeks - send us pictures.  Nancy and Katie - we miss seeing you at practice and hope are both recovering quickly!

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