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March 2011 Newsletter

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Supreme Dictators Needed

The final UNOmaha Women’s swim meet is fast approaching – NCAA Nationals.  The team will be leaving at 3:30 pm on Monday, March 7 and returning Sunday, March 13.  Over this extended period I need 4 people to step forward to become ‘The Supreme Dictator’ of our practices. Erin has agreed to be in charge of the building, so all you have to do is tell people what to do.  Sound like fun?  It is!  If you can coach on one of these days then e-mail me back pronto (last time someone missed out because they waited); the days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  You can use the practice in the workout book or you can make up your own.  Write me –  Thank you for being involved.


Last month was brutal.  First the cold and then the pool heater broken, it was just difficult to get to practice.  The first three practices of February we averaged 15 people at practice.  But now March is here and life is back to normal.  We are averaging about 25 people per practice and we have seen everyone at the pool within the last two weeks except for one person, RF come back soon!  It is great to see all of you back in the water.


Usually this time of year we are offered the opportunity to start practice at 6 am.  If we are given that possibility then which days would you prefer to have 5:30 am practice and which days would you prefer to have 6 am practices?  Please don’t say all of one or all of another, a little of both will be the option J  You will be notified if the practice schedule changes.

Timed 550

The next Timed 550 will be held on Saturday, March 26.

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