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April 2009 Newsletter

Fun – Fitness – Friends

If you have been in the water with the Omaha Masters Swim Program over the past six years then it is highly likely that you are receiving this newsletter.  This is just an effort to keep in touch, but if you would prefer to have your e-mail address removed then please kindly reply and the request will be accommodated.  If you remain on the list then the plan is to send a newsletter blast one to three times a year.

Web Site

A new web site has been created in the past few months.  The new address is http://www.omahamastersswimming.com.  Our web master, Steve Scheuber, has done a great job of updating the page and incorporating answers to the most common questions.  Suggestions are always appreciated, so drop us a line with your thoughts.

Viva The Revolution

Our Masters program was revitalized on May 5, 2003 – Cinco De Mayo, the beginning of the fitness revolution.  To celebrate, come join us for breakfast.  Any and all are welcome to swim with us on Saturday, May 2.  After practice we will head over to the Farm House (next to Mangelsens).  Practice is not a requirement, come join us just for breakfast about 8:30 am J

Summer At College of St. Mary’s

During the summer we usually see a jump in numbers and participation.  This year an additional time is being considered.  Would you like to have a practice from 7-8 am during the week?  This would go from May to August.  If ten people respond with a yes, then the 7-8 am time will be added for Tuesday and Thursday.  If twenty people respond with a yes then the 7-8 am time will have three slots – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Every vote counts, you have until Monday, April 27 to voice your opinion.

Future at CSM

The Masters program will be remaining at the College of St. Mary’s well into the future.  A great discussion was held and it was agreed that the Masters would be able to retain 6 practice days per week.  The details of the actual times will not be determined until the end of summer.  In August we will learn if we move the Monday, Wednesday, Friday practices up thirty minutes to begin at 5:30 am, with all the other practices remaining at the present time.  It might also be the case that we keep the current schedule all the way through the week.

Second Quarter

It is time to pay for the second quarter (April, May, June).  Please bring the fees to practice over the next two weeks.  Direct notices will be sent starting April 27.

Coach: Todd Samland, OmahaMastersSwimming@gmail.com, (402) 250-1769
(30 minute private lessons available!)
Webmaster: Steve Scheuber, 
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